May 26, 2021


Joint Statement from Kevin Lawrence, Executive Director, Texas Municipal Police Association and Karla Pruneda, President, Texas Fraternal Order of Police


Today, the Texas Municipal Police Association’s Kevin Lawrence and Texas Fraternal Order of Police President Karla Pruneda issued the following joint statement in response to Travis County DA's Office putting a taxpayer-funded bounty on cops:


When Travis Co. First Assistant District Attorney Trudy Strassburger sent an email soliciting applicants from as far away as New York “in the hopes that you may be looking to prosecute police officers” she underscored the dangerous, political agenda of Travis Co. District Attorney Jose Garza while placing a taxpayer-funded bounty on the heads of Travis County police.


Not only has the DA routinely refused to prosecute criminals, even while violent crime in Travis County skyrockets, he is dedicating taxpayer resources to reopen and reinvestigate any and all cases where law enforcement officers have been compelled to use force. This is a disservice to the justice system and our brave law enforcement officers, as well as a threat to public safety.


By pursuing this agenda, DA Garza is making Travis County a wasteland for professional law enforcement.  Recruiting and retention efforts for our law enforcement agencies are at critical levels, due in large part to Mr. Garza’s aggressive campaign against the officers dedicated to keeping our community safe. The result will be ruined careers, fewer police, and even greater increases in crime.




Media Contact: Katie Montgomery
(512) 621-5491