Statement in response to concerns about the proposed George Floyd Acts
(Texas HB 88 and federal HB 1280)

We have received several calls from members concerned about Texas HB 88 (George Floyd Act) and the federal HR 1280 (George Floyd Justice in Policing Act).  Both bills, if signed into law as they are written, would have far reaching effects on law enforcement.  One of the most significant impacts being on qualified immunity.  

HR 1280 passed the House and will now go to the Senate for further consideration.  Texas HB 88 has been referred to committee.   
We know you are concerned; however, we have been reassured by legislators at the state and national level that qualified immunity will NOT be included in any final legislation and will remain intact as a legal doctrine.     

Please rest assured, TMPA and our partner law enforcement associations (Houston Police Officers’ Union, the Dallas Police Association, the Harris County Deputies’ Organization, the Department of Public Safety Officers’ Association, Fraternal Order of Police) are in ongoing communications with our friends in the Texas and United States legislatures, working diligently to protect your ability to do your jobs safely and effectively.  We will keep you updated and informed on the status of both bills.