Member Testimonial - Experience with Regional Attorney Greg Cagle

I would like to convey my positive experience having Greg Cagle represent my interests. Mr. Cagle has represented me for a couple of internal investigations I have had the misfortune of being the subject of over the years. I have been a police officer at [AGENCY] for approximately 14 years. Mr. Cagle has worked after his normal office hours and provided exemplary service before his normal office hours working on these investigations. He has always maintained integrity with his word, meeting deadlines, and efficient timeliness to my cases. His breadth of knowledge, creative approach, and use of the law mean I trust that he is the right professional for the job. He has been recommended to me by other top-performing attorneys in Houston. Being the target of investigations is stressful and worrisome, however, Mr. Cagle has been a source of reassurance and reason throughout these challenges. I have referred and will continue to refer Mr. Cagle's outstanding services and I truly expect he will be a permanent fixture with TMPA as I trust and respect him. Mr. Cagle provides friendly, courteous, and professional service. Thank you, Mr. Lawrence, for your positive role in supporting Mr. Cagle as he has provided positive feedback for those in your management team. Best of luck to both of you in your future endeavors.

- TMPA Member