Advanced Vehicle Contraband Concealment

Register at:   | Training provided through the Midwest Counterdrug Training Center | Hosted by South Texas HIDTA | Co-hosted by Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office Tuition FREE (Travel and Meals not Included). **This course is restricted to local, state, federal, and US military law enforcement personnel along with other civilian law enforcement employees to include crime analysts and corrections officers. ** Course Description:  The rapid recognition and detection of traps, compartments, and secret hiding places used to conceal and transport illicit commodities to include firearms, explosives, illicitly gained and laundered money, narcotics, and chemicals used to manufacture narcotics will result in a benefit to law enforcement missions to disrupt Transnational Criminal Organizations. | The course instruction is delivered through a comprehensive presentation by subject matter experts who have many years of experience in practical application of well-refined techniques and tactics that have proven to be most effective when searching conveyances believed to be laden with hidden illicit commodities, from bulk shipments to individual narcotics. The instruction of the course is enhanced with the use of visual media in video and photographic formats that allow the audience to see real case studies of actual detections that reinforce the learning process and provide a platform for discussion. These examples were mainly derived from actual illicit commodity interceptions by the subject matter experts, thus providing first-hand knowledge of the events. The audience will receive instruction on how to detect and defeat electronically operated traps. There will be discussion and presentation of media depicting real case examples of countermeasures that are being applied to thwart law enforcement efforts by defeating X-ray equipment, density detection devices, fiber scopes, K-9 detection, and other efforts. | Topics Included: Drive-train components - Includes the running engine, transmission, axles, and drive shafts | Floor and roof compartments | Wall compartments - Includes engine bay firewall | Seats | Dashboards | Rocker panels | Bumpers | Tires | Fuel tanks | Doors | Other components – Battery, radiator, fluid containers | Course Length:  Advanced Vehicle Contraband Concealment is a 2-day (16 hour) course. | Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites to attend this course. | Dress Code: Uniform or Business Casual (NO shorts/flip-flops). **NOTE:  This class will be limited to 55 attendees.  As COVID precautions, it is recommended that attendees wear a mask and practice social distancing as much as possible in class.**
2/21/2023 8:00 AM - 2/22/2023 5:00 PM
Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office 2617 N. Guadalupe St Seguin, TX 78155


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