Legal Defense

The Best Defense Plan in the Country

As a member of TMPA you have access to the best law enforcement legal defense plan in the country. TMPA’s plan includes:

  • Guaranteed on-scene response by an attorney to all critical incidents, 24-hours a day/seven days a week.
  • Legal representation from the attorney of your choice for ANY administrative action that results in suspension, demotion, termination or promotional pass over, even if the incident is not duty-related.
  • Complete legal coverage for all criminal prosecutions that arise out of the course and scope of your duties (on or off-duty).
  • An attorney to defend or monitor all civil suits that arise out of the course and scope of your duties (on or off-duty).
  • Coverage of all expenses necessary to properly defend you including polygraphs, private investigator expenses, expert witnesses and other professional services.
  • Coverage of all arbitration or related judicial fees.
  • Access to an attorney for consultation before disciplinary, civil or criminal action is taken against you.
  • No deductibles, co-pays or reimbursement provisions. You never get a bill.

TMPA’s law enforcement legal defense plan provides members with superior legal protection that is comprehensive and affordable. Membership dues, which include legal coverage, are only $32 per month – the most competitive rate in the state.

If You Are An Officer And You’ve Been Involved In A Critical Incident Please CLICK HERE!


Legal representation 24 hours, 7 days a week — we guarantee on-scene response by an attorney to all critical incidents within 2 hours of your call. Learn more about the strength of TMPA’s law enforcement legal defense plan.

Our Attorneys

TMPA contracts with private practice attorneys for legal defense because of the many benefits this provides to our members. These benefits include:


The ability to match members with counsel experienced with their particular issue or region


Access to counsel with substantial, real-world experience


The assurance that TMPA attorneys work for you and, that if you’re on the opposite side of a complaint from a fellow member, you will be represented by your own counsel

Members are also able to use an attorney of their own choosing as long as the attorney is willing to contract at TMPA rates. To contact TMPA about legal matters or retaining an attorney of your choosing, please call 1-800-848-2088, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

TMPA Attorney Roster

George Altgelt
Laredo, TX

Paul Aman
Houston, TX

Kenneth Biggs
Tyler, TX

Amanda Bolin
Sugar Land, TX

Wade Byrd
Amarillo, TX

Gregory Cagle
Houston TMPA Office


Matt Chandler
Lubbock, TX

R. John Cullar
Waco, TX

Jeep Darnell
El Paso, TX

Butch Dunbar
Texarkana, TX

Steve Dunbar
Temple, TX

Fitzpatrick and Kosanovich
San Antonio, TX

Bob Gorsky
Robert Rogers
John Snider
Zach Horn
Dallas TMPA Office

214-786-4852 (24/7)

Karl “Tiger” Hanner
Austin, TX

William Lee Hon
Livingston, TX

Tommy Hull
Midland, TX

Chad Hyde
Kerrville, TX

George Hyde
Austin, TX

Lance Kennedy
New Braunfels, TX

Robert McCabe
Georgetown, TX

Eduardo Miranda
El Paso, TX

Randall Moore
Fort Worth, TX

Adam Muery
Hutto, TX

David Parent
San Antonio, TX

Tray Payne
Matt Powell
Lubbock TMPA Office


John Peralta
Lufkin, TX

Eric Perkins
Corpus Christi, TX

Shane Phelps
Bryan, TX

Lytza Rojas
Georgetown, TX

Eduardo Romero
Laredo, TX

Bailey Sapien
Amarillo, TX

Ben M. Sifuentes, Jr.
San Antonio, TX

Nadia Stewart
Rosie Gretch

Round Rock, TX

Andrew Stinson
Tyler, TX

Ray Thomas
Bryan, TX

BJ Vana
Marble Falls, TX

Jorge Vela
Austin, TX

Travis Williamson
Cedar Park, TX

David Willis
Brownsville, TX

Donald Wilson
San Antonio, TX

John Wolf
Midland, TX

Lance Wyatt
Southlake, TX

Legal Plan FAQs

Q: Who has access to the TMPA Legal Defense Plan?
A: Any full-time TMPA member has access to all of TMPA’s legal defense services. Part-time, reserve, and retired members have access to the same criminal and civil coverage with no administrative coverage at a reduced rate. For questions about your coverage, please call us at (512) 454-8900 or (800) 848-2088.

Q: Who can become a TMPA member?
A: Any Texas peace officer can join. In addition, anyone who works in a law enforcement agency in Texas or is under the direction of a chief administrator or elected official who holds a TCOLE peace officer’s license can join.

Q: How long does it take for TMPA’s Legal Defense plan to kick-in once I am a member?
A: After you apply and make your first dues payment, you have coverage for civil, criminal and administrative claims for incidents that occur after joining. There is no administrative coverage when there is a no-cause termination within 60 days of joining.

Q: Can I use my own lawyer?
A: You can use your own attorney as long as they are willing to engage in a services contract and they have errors and omissions insurance. Click here for a list of attorneys in your region.

Q: What if I need immediate legal assistance?
A: If you are involved in a critical incident (shooting, in-custody death, major accident, etc.) call TMPA at 1-800-848-2088 and we will immediately send an attorney to the scene any time, day or night. We guarantee to have an attorney on scene within two hours or we will pay you $500. If you are in need of an attorney to consult with you prior to giving a statement about an internal affairs issue or a criminal investigation that is not the result of a critical incident, we will get you in touch with an attorney as soon as possible. In the meantime, if it is a criminal investigation, you are advised to not to waive your rights and insist that you get to speak with an attorney prior to providing your statement.

If You Are Involved In A Critical Incident Call 800-848-2088 Immediately!

Critical incidents include any shooting, injury accident, custody death or serious injury. Call TMPA at 800-848-2088 24/7, immediately, before talking to anyone, so that a TMPA attorney can be present at the scene. If the 800 number is not answered, you can call the TMPA answering service directly at 512-860-2908. Please follow the procedure outlined below.

Follow These Steps...

Call TMPA at 800-848-2088 immediately, before talking to anyone, so that a TMPA attorney can be present at the scene.

Insist on a Garrity Warning before making any written or oral statements. (See below)

Do not speak to any criminal investigator from the local prosecutor’s office, Internal Affairs, FBI, Texas Rangers or other law enforcement agency without your attorney present.

If you are read your Miranda rights, insist on speaking to an attorney before making a statement.

Write a detailed account of the incident for your TMPA attorney and allow your TMPA attorney to review all statements before they are submitted.

Do not speak to the press!

Sample Garrity Warning

TMPA suggests that you obtain this order before making any written or oral statements. If possible, try to receive this direct order in front of a witness or witnesses.

See Sample

Constitutional Rights Reservation Statement

TMPA suggests that you include the statement below when making statements or submitting reports concerning citizen complaints or when you are suspected of a violation of the law, rules or regulations. The procedure is lawful and proper. Do not make a statement without an order from your department. Call TMPA for additional assistance.

See Sample