Frequently Asked Questions About TMPA

Q: Can only municipal police officers join TMPA?
A: No. While TMPA was founded by municipal police officers, membership has grown to include all Texas law enforcement officers. In addition, anyone who works in a law enforcement agency in Texas or is under the direction of a chief administrator or elected official who holds a TCOLE peace officer’s license can join.

Q: Do I need to be a member of my local association to join TMPA?
A: No. TMPA is comprised of individual members, not affiliated associations, and membership in an association is not required to be a part of TMPA. However, we believe that unity is important and do recommend joining your local association.

Q: Is my membership information confidential?
A: Yes. Your membership with TMPA is strictly confidential. We do not release our mailing lists to solicitors and agency departments do not have access to our membership records.

Q: How do I join TMPA?
A: Simply fill out the online form and pay your dues by credit card. Your membership with TMPA begins as soon as you have joined.

Q: Does the legal defense plan have a waiting period?
A: There is no delay for covered civil or criminal events. There is, however, a waiting period for certain administrative actions. See the Legal Defense Plan for more details. The plan does not cover any incident that occurred before we receive your application with payment.

Q: What are the financial limits of the legal plan?
A: There are no limits on covered events. The TMPA Legal Plan covers your legal expenses throughout trial or administrative appeal with no caps or deductibles. Other organizations put a cap on administrative coverage or limit attorney fees, but we do not. If someone tells you their plan is just like TMPA, don’t believe them. Ask for a copy and read the fine print.

Q: Does TMPA pay for other legal expenses?
A: Yes. We cover psychological tests, polygraphs, expert witness fees and even private investigative work if the expenses are deemed necessary to defend a member.

Q: If I need a lawyer, who do I call?
A: Call TMPA at 1-800-848-2088, 24/7. If you have been involved in a critical incident, we will have a lawyer respond to the scene immediately.

Q: Why do you use private practice attorneys to represent members?
A: Our legal defense plan provides you with the freedom to choose your attorney to handle your particular needs. Private practice attorneys provide this flexibility. Private practice attorneys also owe their undivided loyalty to you and not to the organization. In addition to the knowledge and experience of representing peace officers, private practice attorneys bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience from other areas that helps in coming up with creative strategies and solutions to your problems.

Q: What are my payment options?
A: You may pay in installments of six months or one year if paying by check, credit card, online or money order. You may pay on a monthly basis by either by bank draft, credit card or payroll deduction (if offered by your department).

Q: Why do we have a Political Action Committee?
A: Our Political Action Committee (PAC) uses your contributions to support candidates for statewide election that have demonstrated an understanding of the needs of Texas law enforcement and a desire to support the men and women behind the badge. Your contribution to the PAC helps to ensure the right people hold political office.

Q: Where does the money for the TMPA PAC come from?
A: The money for the TMPA PAC comes from voluntary contributions by members. The money raised is in addition to membership dues, and revenue for the fund depends on these contributions. If you are a member of TMPA and would like to contribute to the PAC, click here .

How Are The TMPA Regions Defined?

TMPA divides the state into 10 regions based on membership. Each region represents no less than 7% of TMPA’s total membership. No counties are split between two regions and if a county holds more than 7% of TMPA’s total membership then it becomes a region by itself. If a county contains more than 14% of TMPA’s total membership, then the county is given an additional Director for each 7% up to a maximum of three.

Directors are elected by the delegates representing the respective regions annually at the TMPA Conference. Each region elects one Director. If a region holds enough of TMPA’s total membership to elect more than one Director, the elected cannot be employed by the same agency.

TMPA’s region map defines the 10 regions and is reviewed annually each spring by the Board of Directors. The map will then be adjusted as necessary based on the 7% rule. The redrawing of regional boundaries may only occur in years ending in even numbers so the map can only change once every two years.

regional map

Please contact your Regional Director to learn more about TMPA’s regions, or with your questions that pertain to your region. You can find a list of Regional Directors by clicking here.


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