About Us

The Largest Law Enforcement Association in Texas

The Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA) is the Voice of Texas Law Enforcement. TMPA was founded in 1950 and has protected the interests of law enforcement officers ever since. As the largest law enforcement association in Texas, TMPA is proud to represent more than 33,500 local, county and state law enforcement officers across Texas.

Focused on protecting those who serve, TMPA is committed to providing Texas law enforcement officers with:

  • The best and most comprehensive law enforcement legal protection plan in the state
  • Member support you can rely on
  • Political lobbying at state and local levels
  • Affordable TCOLE-approved training including free training programs that are funded through various sources such as the Texas Department of Transportation, and The Criminal Justice Division of the Office of the Governor
  • Effective contract bargaining
  • A wide variety of additional benefits including but not limited to emergency response, officer assistance, line-of-duty benefits, charities, and scholarships

TMPA Membership Options

  • Anyone working full-time in Texas law enforcement* or related public safety organizations can be a TMPA Member for $32 per month.
  • Anyone working less than full-time in Texas law enforcement or related public safety organizations can be a Reserve TMPA Member for $22 per month.
  • Anyone honorably retired from Texas law enforcement can be a Retired TMPA Member for $5 per month.

*Note that only full-time Texas peace officers can serve on the TMPA Board of Directors.

For more information regarding these, or other TMPA related programs or services, please visit the Member Services page.


Our Mission

The mission of TMPA is to promote professionalism in law enforcement through education and representation. While TMPA was founded by municipal police officers, our membership has grown to include all Texas law enforcement officers. In addition, anyone who works in a law enforcement agency in Texas or is under the direction of a chief administrator or elected official who holds a TCOLE peace officer’s license can join.


TMPA is led by a Board of Directors comprised of 18 full-time peace officers from various law enforcement agencies. The Board of Directors sets policy, manages the financial resources, and oversees the legal plan. TMPA Board Members are elected at the TMPA Annual Conference. Learn more about how TMPA determines regions here.

Board of Directors


Chris CeBallos
Arlington PD

Kenneth Gardner
1st Vice President
Tyler PD

Zach Hicks
2nd Vice President
Bedford PD

Bill Nelson
3rd Vice President
Baytown PD

Tyler Pride
4th Vice President
Tyler PD

TJ Smetzer
Addison PD

Tommy Landis
Pearland PD

Eddie Rogge
Pasadena PD

Joe Tovar
Past President
New Braunfels PD

Tyler Tibbitts
Region 1
Frisco PD

Chris Skendziel
Region 2
League City PD

Primitivo Rodriguez Jr.
Region 3
Edinburg PD

Erik Sanchez
Region 4
Converse PD

John Bouligny
Region 5
San Angelo PD

Brian Johns
Region 6
Leander PD

Justin Ellis
Region 7
Dallas Area Rapid Transit PD

Brian Linthicum
Region 8
Pasadena PD

Region 9

Brett Worman
Region 10
Arlington PD

Field Representatives - East

Clint McNear
Field Services Supervisor

Leighton Guarnere
Houston Metro and East Texas

Tony Rike
North Texas

Curtis Billings
Part-time, North Texas

Ray Wilkinson
South Central/Coastal Bend

Robby Campbell
Southeast Texas

Laurie Burks
Part-time, North Texas


Field Representatives - West

Mike Gomez
Field Services Supervisor

David Kurylowicz
Central/West Texas

Joey Sepulveda
Central Texas

Darrell Losoya
Part-time, West Texas

JP Rodriguez
South Texas

Bobby Guzman
Part-time, West Texas

Tim Travis
Texas Panhandle

Andrew Skipton
Part-time, Texas Panhandle

Social Media & Communications

Tyler Owen
Communications and Social Media Manager

Training Team

Jay McClellan
Training Coordinator, Statewide

Shawn Meissner
Law Enforcement Instructor

Government Affairs

John Wilkerson
Legislative Liaison

Bryan Flatt
Legislative Liaison

Executive Team


Kevin Lawrence

Executive Director

Kevin has served as the Executive Director since 2010 and the Deputy Executive Director from 2000 to 2010. During his 22-year career as a law enforcement officer, he also served on TMPA’s board for 10 years as the Treasurer and President. His favorite part of the job is traveling the state meeting and working with members and advocating for Texas law enforcement officers by lobbying at the State Capitol and in Washington.

Prior to TMPA, Kevin served with the Baytown Police Department as a Police Officer and Field Training Officer. He also worked as a Police Officer for the Southwestern University Police Department, and with the Georgetown Police Department as a Patrol Officer, Sergeant and Instructor. Kevin additionally spent 12 years with Seabrook Police Department where he served as a Patrol Officer, Detective, DARE Officer, and Sergeant, focusing on child abuse/family violence and juvenile law. Kevin holds a Master Peace Officer Certification and a TCOLE Instructor’s License. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, and church.


Mitch Landry

Deputy Executive Director

Mitch first became involved with TMPA as a member when he worked as a police officer in San Angelo. While there, his assignments included Patrol, Criminal Investigations, and Narcotics. He served on the TMPA Board of Directors from 1992-2001 and was President in 2000-2001.

In 2001, Mitch went to work for TMPA and has been Deputy Executive Director since 2008. He enjoys working at TMPA because everyone really cares about the TMPA members and the programs TMPA offers. Mitch holds a BA from Angelo State University. Outside of work he enjoys being with family, grandkids, and playing golf and poker.


Katie Cox


Katie is the Controller at TMPA. She started working for TMPA as a part-time employee in the Accounting Department the summer before she graduated from college. What started out as a summer job turned into a career for her. Katie has always had a passion for non-profits and jumped at the opportunity when she was offered a full-time position with TMPA right after graduating. During her time in college, Katie had two internships with local nonprofits in Austin, Texas. She worked with the Austin Area Urban League with their High School Redesign grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. During this time, she worked directly with the Project Manager and Board of Directors to provide a marketing plan for the organization and highlighted the progress of the grant. She also worked with the Community Tax Center filing taxes for low-income families.

Katie holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Accounting from The University of Texas at Austin. Outside of work, Katie enjoys spending time with her four children. She loves being at the ball field on most weekends watching her oldest son play baseball and at annual dance recitals for her girls. Katie also enjoys volunteering with the kids' program at her local church.


Jeff Olbrich

Director of Administration and Special Programs

Jeff has been with TMPA since early 2000 as the Director of Administration and Special Programs. His favorite part of the job is that he gets to work with all of the divisions at TMPA. Prior to TMPA, Jeff was with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education as the Deputy Chief, Credentialing Services. During his time at TCLEOSE (now TCOLE) he oversaw a variety of functions including Information Resources, Examinations, Data Entry, Licensing and Certification, Investigations, Field Services, Agency Audits, and Training Provider Evaluations. Jeff holds a Ph.D., Masters, and BA with the University of Texas, Austin. Outside of work he teaches college and enjoys UT sports.


Randy Doubrava

General Counsel

Randy provides general counsel for TMPA. In this role he advises TMPA on legal and business issues, manages TMPA’s legal defense plan, and provides legal advice to members and local associations. His favorite part of the job is helping TMPA, its members, and local associations solve the difficult problems they are confronted with. Prior to TMPA, Randy was a private practice attorney for 19 years. During this time he was a partner with Brown McCarroll, LLP and Hilgers and Watkins, PC, and an attorney with Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, LLP. Randy holds a JD in Law with honors and a BBA in Finance with highest honors from the University of Texas, Austin. Outside of work he has a passion for coaching youth sports including basketball, football and soccer, and enjoys playing golf and spending time with his wife and children.


John Sierega

Director of Field Services and Public Affairs

John joined TMPA in 2007 after retiring from the Inglewood Police Department. As the Director of Field Services, he enjoys traveling the state meeting and visiting with TMPA members. John is a graduate of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Academy and holds an advanced certificate from the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training. Outside of work his favorite thing to do is spend time with his son and daughter. His other hobbies include cycling, cooking, going to the rodeo, and Texas football.


Alicia Mupo

Director of Special Projects

Alicia is the Director of Special Projects at TMPA. Alicia joined TMPA in 2015 after working eight years for the U.S. House of Representatives: two years in San Antonio, and six years on Capitol Hill. The last position she held was on the Committee on the Judiciary’s Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations. After her time in Washington D.C., Alicia was thrilled to join TMPA and continue working with law enforcement, but this time in her home state of Texas.

Alicia holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication with a Public Relations Concentration from The University of Texas at San Antonio. After (and before!) work, Alicia enjoys fitness, travel, and reading. You can find her on I-35 most weekends with her husband visiting family and friends.

TMPA Cares About Officers And Their Families

“I have never witnessed or been a part of an organization who cares so much about their officers AND their families…Recently, I have spoken with both Mitch and David from TMPA, and both men were beyond kind, compassionate, and understanding. Both of them went above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined in order to ensure our needs were met.”



The foundation was laid for the creation of TMPA when Doyle Willis was elected to the Texas Legislature with the support of many officers. The Police and Firemen’s Civil Service Act became law in 1947 and the Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS) was created.

Governor Buford Jester signs the Police and Fireman’s Civil Service Act in 1947.


TMPA was created by a group of officers representing Houston, San Antonio, Ft. Worth, Waco, Austin and Abilene. The first TMPA conference was held and TMPA dues were $2.00 per year. TMPA also found success at the Texas state Capitol and reported passage of many law enforcement and criminal justice bills, including a bill that gave officers the right to petition for a referendum on their pay.


TMPA advocated for the successful founding of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education (TCLEOSE). Other legislative victories were the passage of enhanced benefits for retirees, surviving spouse benefits, and dues check off. TMPA membership continued to grow. TMPA membership dues increased to $3.00 per year.


Collective bargaining, education incentives and engagement in political activities were a few of the legislative accomplishments of TMPA. The Houston Police Officers Association discontinued their membership with TMPA. A competing law enforcement association was created and overall TMPA membership declined. TMPA dues increased to $1.00 per month and membership was opened to include state and county officers in addition to municipal officers.


TMPA hired its first Executive Director. Membership was broadened to include school district, college and university officers. A comprehensive legal assistance plan was implemented and membership began a steady upward growth. TMPA dues were $2.00 per month. Enrollment in the optional legal plan was an additional $5.00 per month.


TMPA membership doubled, primarily because our legal plan had become the best in the country. TMPA championed the passage of a bill that would provide some protections against polygraph abuse, and others that enhanced TMRS, including 20 year retirement. TMPA opened membership up to communications officers, corrections officers and other non-sworn members.


The second Executive Director in the history of TMPA was hired. A comprehensive strategic plan was developed and implemented. TMPA sought and was awarded funding for innovative training programs. TMPA membership exploded to more than 17,000 members strong.


TMPA hired its third Executive Director and membership passed the 20,000 mark. TMPA regained our position as the largest law enforcement association in Texas, a position we had not held since the 1980s. In response to legislative attacks on pensions, TMPA became a founding member of the Texas Law Enforcement Council which unites law enforcement labor groups to work together and further common goals and interest.

Past Presidents 


Joe Tovar | New Braunfels PD


Travis Hammond | Irving PD


Thomas Brown | College Station PD


Aaron Crowell | Baytown PD


James Babb | Plano PD


Alan Rogan | Frisco PD


Heath Wester | Grand Prairie PD


Mitch Slaymaker | Brownwood PD


Josh Thurlkill | Allen PD


David Russell | Frisco PD


Trae Morris | Pasadena ISD PD


Jimmy De Los Santos | Galveston PD


Eddie Wilkerson | Pasadena PD


Lon Craft | Baytown PD


Jerome McKown | La Porte PD


John Rodriguez | San Angelo PD


John Gottlob | Fort Worth PD


Mitch Landry | San Angelo PD


Billy J. Meeks | Plano PD


Chuck Brawner | Spring Branch ISD PD


Rick Ashe | Temple PD


Dick Brock | San Angelo PD


Kevin Lawrence | Seabrook PD


Collin Armistead | Plano PD


Chris Heaton | Plano PD


R.R. “Cowboy” Metcalf | Pasadena PD


Malissa Chadwick | Waco PD


Nona Holomon | Seabrook PD


Bill Elkin | Houston PD


Teddy Long | San Angelo PD


Sammy Jacobs | La Porte PD


Reese Knight | Waco PD


Clifford Long | San Angelo PD


Jim Lyde | Pasadena PD


Jerry Spain | Austin PD


Ronny Rigney | Waco PD


Dick Hickman | Dallas PD


Val Ramirez | Galveston PD


Ed Urias | Wichita Falls PD


John Cunningham | Fort Worth PD


H.E.O. Stieg | Waco PD


A.J. Burke | Houston PD


Bob Barnett | El Paso PD


Gene Wilson | Beaumont PD


Ike Garza | San Antonio PD


E.L. Gilbert | Pasadena PD


W.J. Smith | Corpus Christi PD


B.J. Stevens | Fort Worth PD


V.G. Grady | Brownwood PD


V.R. Silva | Greenville PD


J.A. Knigge | Houston PD


Dan Talkington | Dallas PD


Gerald Byrd | Sweetwater PD


Dayton Murray | El Paso PD


Troy Willie | Abilene PD


R. L. Lillard | Waco PD


Dwight Johnston | Fort Worth PD


Robert Hernandez | San Antonio PD


H.C. Shubert | Wichita Falls PD


F.E. Watson | Texarkana PD


H.E. Shipp | West University Place PD


H.L. Ellisor | Houston PD


W. Joe Perry | Austin PD


A.C. Howerton | Fort Worth PD


Earl Maughmer | Houston PD

Honorary Past Presidents

Glen Rosier

Charles Rickard

Marvin Gresham

Mike Edgmon

Eddie Rogge

Jaceb Fedro