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Smugglers, Inc.

*Registration for this course is handled by Triple I Solutions. To register, copy and paste the following link:, then click on the "course calendar" tab for the online registration form.*

Price: $395.00 (deadline for registration is June 21, 2019).

Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

This Dynamic Proprietary FOUR-DAY (32 hours) comprehensive course, begins with lecture designed specifically for the interdiction officers and provides the attendee with the skill-set necessary to properly identify and apprehend smuggling operators in transit. During the course, the attendees will learn about the specific components involved in counter-smuggling/interdiction enforcement missions. The curriculum, having been designed by the instructor and based on his personal expertise in investigating smugglers who have originated in the SW Border Region, begins with helping the attendees understand their own strengths, while providing solutions to improve their weaknesses in interview situations. The course continues into understanding the Smuggling Operations and the “Tradecraft” used in these Clandestine Operations. By understanding the inner workings of these operations and having the ability to properly and effectively identify the clandestine activities, the attendee will become proficient in properly identifying smuggling targets through analytical research and operational categorization prior to the stop by the use of the technology already in existence in this realm. The course provides various techniques that can be used to engage the vehicle occupants and clandestinely extract the needed data to determine if and what type of criminal activity is afoot, narrowing down those involved in contraband smuggling activities. Utilizing the Evading Honesty® system (a cross-cultural/cross-gender system) developed by the instructor and proprietary to Triple I Solutions, the attendee is taught to formulate questions in a manner that is non-coercive and non-confrontational to gain intelligence needed to establish reasonable suspicion for detention and search at roadside. As a part of the process, the attendee will be exposed to techniques to decipher through various data obtained during these face to-face contacts, by which the attendee will be able to not only identify the criminal element more effectively, but also have the ability to properly document the events in a case report, as well as properly testify to the said actions in various court hearings. Upon completion of the course, the attendee will have learned about “Target Selection” process, “Rapid Behavioral/Statement Analysis Techniques”, and proper documentation of observed anomalies in a case report. The learning experience is enhanced by being exposed to numerous “Real Life” case-study videos (made by the instructor himself), in which the skillset is applied with positive results.

7/9/2019 - 7/12/2019