Mental Health Officer Course

Tuition: $300 |   Prerequisites: A licensed Peace Officer.   A licensed County Jailer, OR  An elected and acting Justice of the Peace.   A minimum of 2 years experience in one of the listed roles.  The student must have completed 1850 CIT 40 course (Peace Officers) or the 4900 Mental Health for Jailers Course  and  the 1849 De-escalation Course.  The student must pass a knowledge check prior to the course. This test will be administered after a review. these materials. | Student Materials:  Laptop or Tablet for typing and creating the MHO Resource Manual.  3 Ring Binder w/dividers.  External flash drive or hard drive of at least 1 GB
6/20/2023 7:00 AM - 6/22/2023 5:00 PM
Willow Park Police Department Public Safety Building Willow Park, Tx 76087
Online registration not available.