Tactical Fitness' Red Dot Pistol Instructor Course

Fee: $450 TMPA Members / $500 Non-members

  • Prerequisite: TCOLE Firearm Instructor Certificate
  • Equipment: Slide mounted red dot pistol with weapon mounted light or handheld flashlight. Duty gear, consisting of a duty holster (no leather or Serpa holsters permitted), at least 3 magazines, magazine pouch, body armor, and eye and ear protection.
  • Ammunition: At least 500 rounds of factory pistol ammunition (no reloads permitted). More is recommended.
  • Hours: 16 TCOLE Hours

    This course is designed to be an A-Z course for current law enforcement firearms instructors in the application, use, and instruction of a handgun red dot sights.

    The entire curriculum of the course is designed to be specific to shooting with a red dot sight on a handgun. Candidates will learn specific teaching methodologies to the items below.

    1. RDS characteristics
    2. RDS mounting and set up
    3. RDS zeroing procedures
    4. High Ready / Low Ready / SUL / Compressed Ready
    5. RDS occlusion training
    6. RDS troubleshooting
    7. One handed shooting
    8. Shoot and Move / Move and Shoot
    9. Kneeling
    10. Prone/Non-Conventional Shooting Positions
    11. Shooting from Cover
    12. Multiple Targets/Target Transition
    13. Shooting on Move: forward/Lateral/diagonal
    14. Pivots and Turns
    15. Weapon mounted light shooting
    16. Handled light shooting.

    Certification/Passing Requirements:
  • 80% or higher on written test and teach back portion.
  • 80% or higher on the Tactical Fitness basic pistol qualification course.
  • Must be able to perform 8" or less grouping of 5 rounds at 25 yards. No Time limit and UNSUPPORTED standing position (3 tries max).

Additional Course and instructor information:
12/4/2023 10:00 AM - 12/5/2023 5:00 PM
ALERRT Training Facility 1285 William Pettus Road Maxwell, Tx 78656
Online registration not available.