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If you would prefer, you can also text us for non-emergency matters at either 512-454-8900 or 1-800-848-2088. If you have an emergency, please always dial 1-800-848-2088. DO NOT TEXT IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY

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Join the largest law enforcement association in Texas today for only $32 per month. Receive all the benefits of membership including 24/7 legal assistance, Political Action Committee (PAC) representation, continuing education and TCOLE-certified training courses, access to a suite of financial and insurance products at group rates, IN SERVICE print magazine subscription, scholarship opportunities, emergency response, and support.

If You Are Involved In A Critical Incident

Call 800-848-2088 Immediately!

Critical incidents include any shooting, injury accident, custody death or serious injury. Call TMPA at 800-848-2088 24/7, immediately, before talking to anyone, so that a TMPA attorney can be present at the scene. If the 800 number is not answered, you can call the TMPA answering service directly at 512-860-2908. If you need after-hours legal assistance, the answering service will put you in contact with the appropriate person.

Please visit our Legal Page for more infomation on what you should do if you are involved in an incident.


Law Enforcement Resources

We recognize the importance of keeping you connected to the latest news and trends in law enforcement. Therefore, we are pleased to provide online access to a variety of websites to assist you in search for industry-related information.