TMPA Regions


TMPA divides the state into 10 regions based on membership. Each region represents no less than 7% of TMPA’s total membership. No counties are split between two regions and if a county holds more than 7% of TMPA’s total membership then it becomes a region by itself. If a county contains more than 14% of TMPA’s total membership, then the county is given an additional Director for each 7% up to a maximum of three.

Directors are elected by the delegates representing the respective regions annually at the TMPA Conference. Each region elects one Director. If a region holds enough of TMPA’s total membership to elect more than one Director, the elected cannot be employed by the same agency.

TMPA’s region map defines the 10 regions and is reviewed annually each spring by the Board of Directors. The map will then be adjusted as necessary based on the 7% rule. The redrawing of regional boundaries may only occur in years ending in even numbers so the map can only change once every two years.

Please contact your Regional Director to learn more about TMPA's regions, or with your questions that pertain to your region. You can find a list of Regional Directors by clicking here.

regional map