September 23, 2021

TMPA is committed to meeting the needs of officers serving in the ongoing border crisis

Austin, TX – – Texans need to know that it is not only State Troopers being sent to deal with the border crisis. It is also hundreds and hundreds of city and county law enforcement officers from across the State. As TMPA is the largest law enforcement organization in Texas, many of those officers are our members. The ones who are not our members, are still our brothers and sisters in blue.

We know that all these officers need our support through this crisis regardless of membership status. The working conditions in Del Rio are difficult. Officers are being drawn away from local communities where our agencies are already understaffed and overworked to deal with the crisis on the border. They are away from their families and the comforts of home, filling up hotels all over the area. Today, TMPA Field Representatives are at the border to provide these hardworking men and women with critical needs such as hot meals, snacks, water, ice, and even shade.

At our core, the mission of TMPA is to protect the interests of law enforcement officers by serving them as they serve our communities and, whenever possible, providing the resources they need to succeed in an increasingly challenging and complex profession. Through TMPA Charities, our benevolence extends to all peace officers.

We are grateful to know many Texans are anxious to support the men and women of law enforcement who are assisting at the border. You can contribute to help meet the needs of these officers by donating to TMPA Charities and writing “Del Rio” in the memo field.


Media Contact: Katie Montgomery, [email protected], (512) 621-5491

About TMPA: The Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA) is the Voice of Texas Law Enforcement. TMPA was founded in 1950 and has protected the interests of law enforcement officers ever since. As the largest law enforcement association in Texas, TMPA is proud to represent more than 31,000 local, county and state law enforcement officers across Texas.