Critical Incidents Report for February 2020

In February, TMPA opened 11 case files for critical incidents Critical incidents are cases in which an officer’s actions, conduct, or omissions resulted in the death or serious bodily injury of a person; or could have resulted in such harm as a result of the officer intentionally discharging his or her firearm. These critical incidents involved members from various agencies throughout the state including: Georgetown Police Department, Grand Prairie Police Department, Harris Co. Sheriff’s Department, Irving Police Department, Kirby Police Department, Parker Co. Sheriff’s Dept., Texas DPS, Texas City Police Department, Weslaco Police Department, and included the following:

1. Member was involved in a chase that ended with member firing service weapon.

2. Member was involved with an in-custody death.

3. Member arrested a suspect who died the next day of a suspected drug overdose. The member was notified by the agency that it is being investigated as an in-custody death.

4. Member and partner went to a disturbance call involving a man with a knife. The suspect advanced towards the officers who fired their service weapons, striking the suspect.

5. Member responded to a fire scene and observed firefighters struggling with a patient who appeared to have been removed from the fire. The member had to handcuff and detain the patient who was resisting the firefighters. The patient was in critical condition and was not expected to survive.

6. Member responded to a domestic violence call and arrested a suspect. The suspect was taken to the hospital with injuries. Member left and later returned to the hospital after the suspect had been released. The suspect was transported to the city jail and later committed suicide by hanging.

7. Member was on duty in the city jail when an inmate committed suicide.

8. Members were involved in a shooting with a suspect wielding a rifle. Multiple officers and the suspect were shot. No officers were killed but the suspect is deceased.