Critical Incidents Report for June 2023

In June, TMPA opened 13 case files for critical incidents Critical incidents are cases in which an officer’s actions, conduct, or omissions resulted in the death or serious bodily injury of a person; or could have resulted in such harm as a result of the officer intentionally discharging his or her firearm. These critical incidents involved members from various agencies throughout the state including: Caldwell Police Department, Deer Park Police Department, Freestone County Sheriff's Office, Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office, La Porte Police Department, Lancaster Police Department, Llano Police Department, Lubbock County Sheriff's Office, Lubbock Police Department, Parker County Sheriff's Office, Stanton Police Department, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and include the following:

1. Member was involved in a vehicle pursuit where the suspect crashed into a bridge and died.

2. Member was involved in a critical incident where a suspect was dismembered with a cutting tool while having clothing removed in the jail.

3. Member was involved in a shooting while executing a search warrant.

4. Member had an accidental discharge while at home and the bullet struck another adult.

5. Member was involved in a pursuit that ended in a shooting.

6. Member was involved in a pursuit that ended in a crash with possible fatality.

7. Member was involved in a foot pursuit that resulted in suspect getting hit by a car, possibly fatally.

8. Member and other officers were involved in a shooting. One officer and the suspect were shot. The suspect is deceased.

9. Members responded to assist a neighboring agency where a shooting was taking place at a suspect’s house. The suspect shot at officers and members returned fire stopping the threat.

10. Member was involved in a critical incident in the jail and assisted.

11.Three other critical incidents involving an on-duty shooting.