May 6, 2022

Politically Motivated Indictment of Garland Police Officer Privitt

Austin, TX: We are stunned by the indictment of a Garland police officer for doing his job during the riots of May 2020. Following George Floyd’s death, demonstrations across the country quickly turned from peaceful to all-out violent rioting, and Dallas was no exception. Outnumbered and overwhelmed, the officers assigned to these riots were doing everything they could to protect the citizens and property of Dallas, while using the least amount of force necessary. Garland Police Officer, Joe Privitt, was one of the officers on the front line.

Now, District Attorney John Creuzot, has indicted Privitt on a charge of Aggravated Assault By Threat By a Public Servant. The term “By threat” is very important as it conveys the involved suspect was not struck nor assaulted in any manner. Privitt used the appropriate amount of force for this event, and his less-lethal round did not strike anyone during the chaos.

So, why is Privitt being indicted? Since taking office, District Attorney John Creuzot has repeatedly demonstrated that he is more concerned with political grandstanding than protecting the citizens of Dallas County. Unfortunately, this is yet another example of his progressive agenda to pervert the law in the name of “justice” and to get elected. Creuzot’s attack on law enforcement will drive good officers out of the profession, discourage good candidates from entering the career, and send a message to officers that doing their job could result in going to prison. The citizens of Dallas County deserve better.

We are confident that when the evidence presents itself, it will be clear to the jury, and to the citizens of Dallas County, that the charge of aggravated assault by threat by a public servant against Privitt is baseless.

TMPA asks if an officer is going to be indicted “by threat,” when is Mr. Creuzot going to indict and prosecute the anarchists who chose to riot rather than peacefully protest?



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