Tributes in Honor of Dick Brock

Dick Brock was a staunch supporter of law enforcement. He dedicated his professional life to supporting those in blue and he worked with many organizations to ensure the fallen will always be remembered. Dick's law enforcement career began at San Angelo PD. He was a long-time TMPA member, Past President, and Field Representative. We’re humbled by the number of lives he touched and the stories we’ve heard from those who knew him. The tributes we've received are a testament of how Dick's passion for others transformed the organizations he served.


Steve Rutherford, Texas Peace Officers’ Memorial Ride: "In 2014, the Texas Peace Officers Memorial Ride was officially born with the sole mission to Honor our Fallen and to Support their Families. We called on TMPA for support and they delivered a man by the name of Dick Brock. Dick soon became a dear friend to all of us. After year one, Dick told us “I’m hooked, I’ll be here every year.” Dick was a major part of all planning aspects of the ride and began leading the precession in the TMPA memorial truck in year two. We all remember Dick driving that truck with Leslie by his side. Many times, you would hear us calling Dick on the radio saying slow down or speed up! According to Dick, it was difficult driving a truck at the blazing speed of 15mph for 150 miles. Dick’s efforts and dedication to our mission has assisted the organization in raising over $300,000 to support the Families of our Fallen Texas Officers. On behalf of the Executive Board, Planning Committee, and all participants we say, “Thank You.” We know you’re soaring with angels, and you have met the heroes you have honored all these years. We were lucky to have known such a fine man as yourself who touched the lives of so many others. Godspeed friend and may the wind always fill your sails until we meet again."


Dani Story-Stinson, C.O.P.S., Texas Peace Officers’ Memorial: "I found myself on the long, bumpy road of a law enforcement survivor in January of 2010 when my husband was killed in the line of duty in Arlington. In the aftermath of this loss, I was asked to attend a meeting with a nonprofit group called Concerns of Police Survivors, where I discovered that there was a whole host of others just like me. The chief mission of C.O.P.S. is to provide a system of much-needed and like-minded support to Survivors—families and affected co-workers who’d lost a loved one in the line of duty. I soon learned that service to others was what best smoothed the rough road I traveled, so my involvement with C.O.P.S. grew.

C.O.P.S. has allies in this support effort, and one of the hardest working partners C.O.P.S. has is Texas Municipal Police Association. Though I’d been aware of T.M.P.A. for some time, it wasn’t until I joined the board of the Metroplex Chapter of C.O.P.S. that I met any of the incredible men and women working there. One of those remarkable individuals was Dick Brock. Dick was a mountain of a man with a heart to match. He was a red-blooded patriot, one of most opinionated people I knew, and Law Enforcement Proud. It wasn’t long before I came to know him and love him as a very dear friend.

In 2015, T.M.P.A. and the Texas Chapters of C.O.P.S. made the seemingly impossible decision to facilitate an Annual Peace Officers’ Memorial Event. A Committee was formed, and I had the privilege of regularly working with Dick and others on this incredible undertaking. When the work began, Dick quickly made it clear to the Committee that whatever was needed for the Memorial, all we had to do was ask…and he meant it. Almost every avenue there is to support, assist and fight for Survivors, Dick said, I’ll do it!” He was always there—always present at funerals, meetings with new and seasoned families, Christmas Parties, L.E.O. events and fundraisers, the Texas Peace Officers’ Bike Ride, National Police Week, and the list goes on and on. Most recently, he’d been working with Saving a Hero’s Place as well as making countless calls for donations and brainstorming other ingenious ways to fund the Memorial event and Wall Renovation. If it would somehow benefit law enforcement or their survivors, he would faithfully jump in.

No one was a greater Champion for Survivors than Dick. To many of us, Dick was a keystone, ten feet tall and bulletproof. He was ever-present—always a few minutes away, just on the other side of a phone call, a text message, or video call with a huge Thin Blue Line Flag in the background. He leaves behind a heart-breaking empty seat at the table but also an unrivaled and real legacy of loyalty, dedication, and steadfast respect.

Dick was and always will be our Hero—forever missed and never, ever forgotten."

Tommy Capell, Saving A Hero’s Place: "Since founding Saving A Hero’s Place back in 2013, we have met some absolutely amazing people.  Dick Brock was one of those people.  We met him early on as Saving A Hero’s Place was getting started.  He heard of what we were doing and just loved the mission.  From the moment he heard of us, he supported us.  We were not TMPA members at the time, and that didn’t bother him.  He attended almost every chair presentation within the state of Texas.  Including one just a week before he passed.  He even attended some that we couldn’t.  We communicated it seemed like at least once a week.  On chair presentation days, we often had lunch, dinner, or just hung out in the parking lots before or after the presentations.  We would see him at so many line of duty death funerals across the state because he would go, and we would go.  We usually sat together.  He was just a caring, giving, selfless man.  Whatever we needed, he would help at the drop of a hat.  Whenever we needed something or a specific chair taken somewhere, we knew if we called Dick, he’d be there to help us.  Dick and Leslie Brock also became lifetime members of SHP years back and have donated to us additionally on many occasions.  In addition, we were just at a chair presentation on August 11th and Dick was telling us how he was looking forward to retiring so he could travel and take chairs for us wherever we needed them to go.  This was how passionate he was to help honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. That is the type of guy he was. 

We are absolutely heartbroken, and I just can’t even begin to put into words what he meant to us personally, and to the Saving A Hero’s Place organization.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Leslie and the Brock family.  The world has lost a great man.  The world needs more Dick Brock’s, not less.  Rest In peace brother and thank you for always being there for us."


Mike and Lailani Rumfield, America’s Defenders Foundation: "The news of Dick’s passing was sudden, shocking, and completely unexpected.  How do we honor a mountain of a man like him?  Easy, you simply describe him for who he was, a gentle giant with an even larger heart.  We’ve had the privilege of knowing Dick for years as TMPA members, but in 2016 America’s Defenders Foundation was born.  One of our first events was the Thin Blue Line Ball, and we wanted to get TMPA involved.  As a result, I called Dick and asked if it was possible, he could bring the TMPA Memorial Truck up.  His answer that day and almost every day since was, “yes, no problem”.  Keeping in mind that commitment meant a 4-hour drive for him each way with the TMPA vehicle, in addition, to the being there early for setup.  He always was there for the law enforcement community and TMPA members.  Always.

The reassurance; the support; the smile…….it will all be missed.  His dedication to the Blue Family will be etched in the stone of our memories forever.  HIs love for Leslie was apparent each year they joined us, and we can’t thank her enough for allowing us to see what true love looks like.  We at AmDef are heartbroken for his family, TMPA family, and blue family, but we are also honored and humbled we were able to call Dick Brock a friend.  Godspeed brother.  We all love ya."


Steven Burke, OnSiteDecals, LLC, "My wife Kelly and I had only known Dick Brock for the last few years. He shared our company’s passion for the needs of our Law Enforcement Family, but he was truly on another level. His character was such that when you were in his presence, no matter your own character, you were inspired to try harder to be a better person. He was passionate about making sure our fallen brothers and sisters were never to be forgotten. His efforts in this cause were unparalleled. His continued promotion of this cause is what brought us together. We not only formed a fast friendship, but also had our horizons broadened by the people and organizations we met through Dick. His influence led us to adopt many of the same causes, and to do what we can for the organizations he cared for.

We will miss his even-tempered personality. We will miss the often way too in-depth conversations about our Thin Blue Line Family, about politics on a local, state, national and international level, and his love for travel. We will miss the visits to our facility, whether they were for official business of the TMPA or other causes, or for the “I was in the neighborhood”.

We will miss most what he did for others."