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January 26, 2021


Statement from Texas Municipal Police Association Executive Director Kevin Lawrence

Regarding Normalizing Criminal Behavior Through the Unfair Indictment of Innocent Police Officers


AUSTIN, TX – Last week, Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza announced that two Austin Police officers have been indicted by a grand jury for committing felony assault during an arrest they made two years ago.  Both officers were injured when the suspects resisted arrest for felony drug possession and tampering with evidence.

Today, Texas Municipal Police Association Executive Director Kevin Lawrence released the following statement in response to the sham indictment:

The Texas Municipal Police Association is vehemently opposed to elected officials pushing a social engineering agenda by corrupting our legislative and criminal jurisprudence systems for their political gain.  Numerous investigators, including APD’s special investigations unit, internal force review board, and staff in the former DA’s office, have reviewed the case and a clear consensus found that the officers’ actions were justified and necessary.

By prosecuting officers for lawful and necessary use of force, we are asking officers to not make arrests and, further, are normalizing what has traditionally been considered criminal behavior – evading arrest, resisting arrest, low-level drug offenses, obstructing highways, etc. If this is the true objective, there is a less costly way to accomplish this end.  Policymakers simply must instruct our law enforcement officers to stand down.  Tell us to stop making arrests altogether. Then we will see what the consequences are.

Our communities rely on hardworking, dedicated officers to keep them safe. However, if elected officials continue to prosecute law enforcement officers for simply doing their jobs, our Great State will pay the price.


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