TMPA Wins!
November– 2022

We would like to share some of the recent legal successes TMPA has had for our members. In this report, we will give the names of the attorneys who represented our members but omit the names of the members involved.

Paul G. Aman – Paul G. Aman, Attorney at Law, P.C.
• Member received a 40 hour suspension for language used during an arrest. After appeal, the 40 hour suspension was reduced to 24 hours.
• Member was given a general discharge on F5. After appeal, member’s F5 was amended to reflect an honorable discharge.

Randall Moore – Law Offices of Randall D. Moore, PLLC
• Member was involved in a critical incident with a less lethal round. Upon review, the grand jury took no action.
• Member was placed under IA and given a 12 hour suspension for insubordination and other policy violations. After appeal, the 12 hour suspension was reduced to a counseling.
• Member was placed under IA for unprofessional conduct and intimidation. Upon review, all charges were unfounded, and the IA was closed.
• Member received a citizen complaint for how a call for service was handled. After complaint was addressed at the City Council meeting, no action was taken, and the file was closed.