For Immediate Release
July 7, 2020



TMPA Stands with The Dallas Police Association

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Last week, Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall announced a new policy to release videos of police shootings and other critical incidents in which someone dies or is severely injured within three days.

TMPA absolutely agrees with the Dallas Police Association and attorney Bob Gorsky. While transparency is of utmost importance, the new policy decision seems to be a knee-jerk reaction to the current political climate. There is a complete lack of consideration for the protection of victim’s rights. There are many instances where the video captured may contain sensitive material and those recorded should not appear in a publicly released video. Victims of sexual assault will be publicly identified; witnesses may no longer cooperate out of a fear of retaliation. Additionally, officers’ identities are exposed and at risk for attack from anyone with nefarious intentions.

We cannot help but question if all stakeholders (District Attorney’s offices, lawyers representing officers in critical incidents, et al.) were consulted in any meaningful way.

This policy endangers those who are tasked with ensuring law and order and significantly hinders their ability to do their jobs of keeping their communities safe.



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