Texas Municipal Police Association Endorsements

Austin, Texas - Today, the Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA) released their list of candidates in contested races that they have endorsed in the upcoming elections.

"These candidates understand what it takes to support law enforcement and the important work local governments have in the lives of everyday Texans. We're proud at TMPA to support these candidates," said Deputy Executive Director Mitch Landry. 


President of the United States of America

Donald J. Trump


United States Senate

Senator John Cornyn                                         Texas


United States House of Representatives

August Pfluger                                     Texas Congressional District 11

Congressman Chip Roy                       Texas Congressional District 21

Tony Gonzalez                                    Texas Congressional District 23

Beth Van Duyne                                  Texas Congressional District 24

Congressman Henry Cuellar                Texas Congressional District 28

Texas Supreme Court

Justice Brett Busby                             Place 8

Court of Criminal Appeals

Judge Bert Richardson                        Place 3


Texas Senate:

Senator Bryan Hughes                         Senate District 1 

Senator Brandon Creighton                 Senate District 4

Senator Carol Alvarado                       Senate District 6

Senator Larry Taylor                            Senate District 11

Senator Jane Nelson                           Senate District 12

Senator Lois Kolkhorst                         Senate District 18

Senator Peter Flores                            Senate District 19

Senator Brian Birdwell                         Senate District 22

Senator Dawn Buckingham                 Senate District 24

Senator Jose Menéndez                      Senate District 26

Senator Eddie Lucio Jr.                        Senate District 27


Texas House of Representatives: 

Rep. Cecil Bell                                     House District 3 

Rep. Keith Bell                                     House District 4 

Rep. Cole Hefner                                 House District 5 

Rep. Matt Schaefer                              House District 6 

Rep. Cody Harris                                 House District 8          

Rep. Chris Paddie                               House District 9

Jake Ellzey                                          House District 10 

Rep. Travis Clardy                               House District 11 

Rep. Ben Leman                                 House District 13

Rep. John Raney                                 House District 14  

Rep. John Cyrier                                  House District 17 

Rep. Terry Wilson                                House District 20 

Rep. Mayes Middleton                         House District 23 

Rep. Greg Bonnen                               House District 24 

Jacey Jetton                                        House District 26

Rep. Ed Thompson                              House District 29 

Rep. Geanie Morrison                          House District 30

Rep. Ryan Guillen                                House District 31 

Rep. Todd Hunter                                House District 32 

Rep. Justin Holland                              House District 33 

Rep. Abel Herrero                                House District 34 

Rep. Sergio Munoz                              House District 36

Rep. Alex Dominguez                          House District 37

Rep. Eddie Lucio III                             House District 38

Rep. R.D. “Bobby” Guerra                   House District 41 

Rep. John Kuempel                             House District 44 

Justin Berry                                         House District 47

Lucio Valdez                                        House District 52

Rep. Andrew Murr                                House District 53 

Rep. Brad Buckley                               House District 54 

Rep. Charles “Doc” Anderson              House District 56 

Rep. Trent Ashby                                 House District 57 

Rep. DeWayne Burns                          House District 58  

Rep. Phil King                                      House District 61

Rep. Reggie Smith                              House District 62 

Rep. Tan Parker                                  House District 63

Rep. Lynn Stucky                                 House District 64 

Rep. Matt Shaheen                              House District 66 

Rep. Jeff Leach                                   House District 67 

Rep. Drew Springer                             House District 68 

Rep. Scott Sanford                              House District 70 

Rep. Stan Lambert                              House District 71 

Rep. Drew Darby                                 House District 72

Rep. Kyle Biedermann                         House District 73 

Eddie Morales                                      House District 74 

Rep. Tracy King                                   House District 80

Rep. Dustin Burrows                            House District 83 

Rep. John Frullo                                  House District 84 

Rep. Phil Stephenson                          House District 85 

Rep. Candy Noble                               House District 89 

Rep. Matt Krause                                 House District 93 

Rep. Tony Tinderholt                           House District 94 

Rep. Craig Goldman                            House District 97 

Rep. Giovanni Capriglione                   House District 98 

Gerson Hernandez                              House District 105 

Rep. Jared Patterson                           House District 106 

Rep. Morgan Meyer                             House District 108 

Rep. Angie Chen Button                      House District 112 

Will Douglas                                        House District 113

Rep. John Turner                                 House District 114 

Rep. Leo Pacheco                               House District 118 

Rep. Barbara Gervin-Hawkins              House District 120 

Rep. Steve Allison                               House District 121 

Rep. Lyle Larson                                 House District 122 

Rep. Sam Harless                                House District 126 

Rep. Dan Huberty                                House District 127 

Rep. Dennis Paul                                 House District 129 

Rep. Tom Oliverson                             House District 130 

Rep. Gina Calanni                               House District 132 

Rep. Jim Murphy                                  House District 133 

Rep. Sarah Davis                                 House District 134 

Rep. Mary Ann Perez                          House District 144 

Harris County District Attorney

Mary Nan Huffman

Williamson County Sheriff

Mike Gleason 

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