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Focused on protecting those who serve, TMPA is committed to providing Texas law enforcement officers with a wide range of benefits, including:

Legal Protection

Unmatched legal protection using private practice attorneys who will respond to critical incidents 24 hours a day, seven days a week within two hours or we’ll pay you $500.

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Political Lobbying

Political lobbying at state and local levels to protect the rights and interests of peace officers. Most recently, TMPA has worked hard to protect your pensions.

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TMPA offers many different types of training suited to the needs of each agency. Including affordable TCOLE-approved training, as well as access to many free trainings, that can be brought to you.

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Local Support

Local support you can rely on. TMPA Field Representatives travel all over the state supporting our individual members, local affiliated associations and their communities.

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Contract Bargaining

Effective contract bargaining and support for management surveys, compensation surveys and local election/referendum.

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TMPA offers all members and their spouses a free will. Ensuring all your affairs are in order is always an essential planning step when looking toward the future.

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Financial Services

Financial services such as access to retirement specialists, financial planning, discount home and auto insurance and disability coverage.

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Insurance Services

Insurance products specifically for members including Home & Auto and Additional Disability.

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Emergency Response

Response and personal assistance to officers during natural disasters and other catastrophic events (hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, etc.).

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Compensation Surveys

TMPA can help your local association explain to the decision makers what you need and why as well as conduct salary and compensation surveys to determine how your agency stacks up against others in your market.

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Dependent scholarships which award $20,000 annually to help members pay for the increasing cost of education.

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Job Center

Access to current, regularly updated law enforcement employment opportunities throughout Texas.

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Support of charitable organizations such as Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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Death Benefit

$15,000 line of duty death benefit to the families of fallen officers.

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Special Discounts & Partnerships

Access special discounts available only to our members.

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“As a 19 year member of TMPA, I realize it’s the caring, unselfish people within the organization that make it so great. Thank you again, to all the staff of TMPA for the efforts you put forth daily in serving law enforcement across the great state of Texas.”


We understand that you want the best legal protection available in the state, but also must consider other factors, such as choice of attorney, legislative advocacy, spousal legal defense, and price. Take a look at our comparison chart for a straight-forward layout of your options.

Legal Protection

The Best Defense Plan in the Country

As a member of TMPA, you have access to the best law enforcement legal defense plan in the country. TMPA’s plan includes:

  • Guaranteed on-scene response by an attorney to all critical incidents, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Legal representation from the attorney of your choice for ANY administrative action that results in suspension, demotion, termination or promotional pass over, even if the incident is not duty-related.
  • Complete legal coverage for all criminal prosecutions that arise out of the course and scope of your duties (on or off-duty).
  • An attorney to defend or monitor all civil suits that arise out of the course and scope of your duties (on or off-duty).
  • Coverage of all expenses necessary to properly defend you including polygraphs, private investigator expenses, expert witnesses and other professional services
  • Coverage of all arbitration or related judicial fees.
  • Access to an attorney for consultation before disciplinary, civil or criminal action is taken against you.
  • No deductibles, co-pays or reimbursement provisions. You never get a bill.

Political Lobbying

Protecting Your Interests

Our organization was founded with the mission of protecting the interests of peace officers statewide. We are able to accomplish this by utilizing the TMPA Political Action Committee (PAC), which is a legal means to lobby and express support or opposition to issues that are critical to law enforcement. The PAC fund allows TMPA to contribute to the campaigns of those who act in favor of law enforcement officers. We are able to give a voice to those who otherwise would not be heard.

TMPA maintains a legislative program that is member-driven. We will not endorse or support legislation that is not in our members’ best interest.


Staying up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in law enforcement is critical to being a well-informed officer. We offer cutting-edge training suited to individual needs, and the best part is that we are able to come to you. In addition to the wide variety of TMPA courses available, TMPA has partnered with the Texas Department of Transportation and the Criminal Justice Division of the Governor’s Office to bring free training and services to all law enforcement and criminal justice professionals across the state. Those funding sources have provided TMPA with the resources to provide free programs vital to law enforcement. These trainings will come to you so no travel is necessary, and all offer TCOLE credit for successful completion.

Basic Response Survival Training

Featuring TMPA’s Signature Law Enforcement Training Courses

BRST — Basic Response Survival Training is a 2 day reality-based, force on force training course developed for law enforcement officers to help prepare them to better assess and safely respond to potentially dangerous situations. Officers will go through stress inducing scenarios and use their critical thinking skills and training to respond with reasonable use of force if force is appropriate. Officers will be placed in real world scenarios such as traffic stops, pedestrian contacts, family fights, alarm calls, building clearing, crimes in progress, and violent critical incidents. The BRST course is customizable to fit agency-specific needs.

Please contact us or click here to register or learn more about upcoming TMPA Trainings.

Local Support

We know how important it is for us to be there when you need us most. That's why we have field representatives who offer local support on a routine basis, and especially any time there is an immediate need. We frequently assist with contract bargaining, management and compensation surveys, and local elections or referendums.

Contract Bargaining

TMPA’s contract bargaining approach is designed to foster goodwill and mutual trust between officers and city leaders that will last long after the bargaining process is completed. TMPA can provide your association with the following services to ensure effective negotiations and beneficial contracts:

Scientifically-based tools such as salary surveys and a comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR) analysis that will arm you with the information you need to be effective at the bargaining table.

Highly trained and experienced bargaining staff with a proven history of drafting the best contracts in the state.

Private practice attorneys who specialize in law enforcement labor relations.

Assistance in obtaining the right to bargain or switch bargaining agents.


TMPA offers all members and their spouses a free will. Ensuring all your affairs are in order is always an essential planning step when looking toward the future. You can request a free will by emailing [email protected].

Financial Services

Financial Advisors To Help You Reach Your Goals

McLane Advisors have been assisting officers with their financial needs since 1954 and have been TMPA’s Financial Services Division since 1995. Services provided include:

  • Retirement Specialists: TMPA members eligible to retire or within two years of eligibility may obtain a complimentary retirement “Benefit Analysis.”
  • Survivor benefit assistance to spouses and families of deceased officers.
  • Assistance with 457 (deferred compensation) and 401k plans (rollovers and allocations).
  • Financial planning and investments.
  • Assistance with Partial Lump Sum Pension plans, including the Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS).
  • Help maximizing retirement benefits with TCDRS, TRS and ERS.
  • Pension “Buy Back” information.


To learn more, go to or call 1-800-204-6020.

FinancialCop is a full-service financial planning and financial wellness firm. Owned and operated by police officers focusing on assisting first responders with the following services:

  • Comprehensive financial planning/retirement planning - from recruit to retiree
  • Fiduciary only advisors ensuring your best interest is always first, as required by law.
  • Comprehensive protection strategies utilizing Life Insurance, Medicaid, Disability, and Long-Term Care.
  • Specialized in all aspects of understanding and maximizing pension benefits within TMRS, ERS, TRS, TCDRS, and other pensions.
  • Free financial crisis coaching for first responders through multiple national non-profit PTSD/Crisis groups

Advisory services offered through Retirement Plan Advisors, LLC, a Federally Registered Investment Adviser. RPA and FinancialCop LLC are not affiliated.

To learn more, visit or call 214-473-4797.

National Police Credit Union

National Police Credit Union is the first and only national full-service financial institution solely serving Law Enforcement Officers and their families throughout the country. Their Board of Directors is comprised entirely of working and retired Police Officers, who help guide their mission in providing sound financial products, services and educational programs uniquely designed to fit the lifestyle needs of members today and through retirement. Member Benefits Include:

  • Killed in the Line of Duty Loan Protection – a special debt cancellation benefit created exclusively for active full-time Law Enforcement Officers.
  • High Speed Chase - is National Police Credit Union’s exclusive “pop-up” promotional series offering unbeatable limited-time-only financial offers just for members!
  • Police Mortgage - National Police Credit Union offers a variety of mortgage program options designed to serve those who serve and protect. We offer Conventional Loans, FHA and VA loans with the added benefit of Killed in the Line of Duty Loan Protection.
  • Convenience - National Police Credit Union is part of the Co-Op Shared Branching/ATM network. With 288 locations and 3,900 surcharge-free ATM’s in Texas, our members can perform deposits, withdrawals, loan payments, transfers and statement reviews, all in real-time and at no charge.
  • Tech-friendly - National Police Credit Union features a full-service website with easy-to-navigate pages and convenient online loan applications, as well as Online Banking, and a Mobile App complete with Mobile Deposit.


To learn more, please visit

Insurance Services

AIS Online Personal Lines Insurance Program

TMPA has launched a new, online personal lines insurance program for members where multiple carriers provide quotes on home and auto policies. Receive quotes from top insurance carriers and shop for the best coverage and price. To get started, go to or call the TMPA dedicated phone line to talk with one of our licensed agents: 1-877-245-96045 with one of our licensed agents: 1-877-245-96045

Additional Disability Coverage

TMPA members can purchase additional disability benefits through the First Responders Benefit Trust to cover lost income from injuries or illness. The First Responders Benefit Trust has been serving the law enforcement community for over 40 years. Founded by active officers, FRBT’s experience helped create plans that cover law enforcement families when they need it the most. For further information, contact FRBT toll-free at (866) 320-2525 or via email at [email protected]. Be sure to mention that you are a TMPA member.

Emergency Response

TMPA’s Emergency Response Team was formed to assist officers during times of personal crisis, natural disasters, or other catastrophic events that require a large-scale and extended law enforcement response. Since its formation, the ERT has provided support during a variety of incidents. During the wildfires in Bastrop County, the ERT was there, bringing essentials such as food and clothes to the officers working day and night to keep the affected communities safe. Similarly, when a member is faced with a personal crisis such as a house fire, the team will be there to provide assistance.

Compensation Surveys

If your agency is losing officers or struggling to recruit new hires, it might be because your pay and benefits are not competitive in your market. TMPA can conduct a salary and compensation survey on behalf of your local association to determine how your agency stacks up to others in your market. The salary and compensation survey analyzes a number of factors such as population, cost of living, location and number of officers. We then compare these factors with similarly situated agencies to see how your agency stacks up. TMPA can then provide your local association and your agency’s budget-makers with recommendations for pay raises or increases in benefits that are backed up with viable, quantifiable reasoning.


TMPA Charities awards several college scholarships to children or dependents of TMPA members. The scholarships, ranging from $1,500 to $5,000, not only help our members pay for the ever-increasing costs of higher education, they also serve as a way to honor the academic achievements of some of our brightest students. To date, TMPA Charities has provided more than $250,000 in scholarship funds to the families of our members.

Scholarships Awarded:

$1,500 — Twenty-one (21) $1,500 awards

$3,000 — One $3,000 award sponsored by the McLane Advisors

$5,000 — One $5,000 award in memory of Jaceb Fedro who is an Honorary Past President of TMPA. We met Jaceb through the Make-A-Wish Foundation as he was fighting a courageous battle with cancer. In July of 2003, Jaceb was named Honorary President of TMPA and he lost his battle with cancer just ten days later. We continue to honor Jaceb by giving a $5,000 scholarship in his name.

$5,000 — One $5,000 award in memory of Dick Brock, who started his law enforcement career with San Angelo PD first as a patrol officer, then as a FT officer, a crime scene investigator, and ultimately as a detective. Dick was also a Past President of TMPA, as well as a TMPA employee, where he selflessly served until his death in 2021. We honor Dick Brock by issuing a scholarship in his name in the amount of $5,000.

$5,000 — One $5,000 award in honor of William (Bill) Elkin who is a long-standing TMPA member as well as a proud Past President of TMPA.


TMPA awards annual scholarships to the dependents of parents or legal guardians who are active TMPA members. Applications are accepted via electronic submission only (e-mail.) The application window opens on May 1, and the deadline for applicant submissions is June 30. A committee appointed by the president at the annual TMPA Summer Conference will award scholarships. All applications are submitted to the Selection Committee anonymously to guarantee fairness. For assistance with your application or for more information please contact us.

Job Center

Searching for a new opportunity or looking to relocate? Browse our comprehensive database of open law enforcement positions across the state. Positions are updated as they become available. Looking to list a position? We offer job posting at no cost.


TMPA is dedicated to supporting our members, their families and the community at large. In addition to our legal, legislative and continuing education efforts, we created TMPA Charities as a tax-exempt law enforcement charity which contributes 100% of every dollar donated to a variety of charitable and benevolent programs — including scholarships, death benefits, financial and personal assistance, and disaster response — to our members. We are also proud to support many larger charitable organizations, with honorable missions, that benefit the communities we serve. Learn more about these, and many other charitable programs that we serve and please consider making a donation today!

Death Benefit

In a worst case scenario, ensure you have peace of mind that your family will be taken care of. We offer a significant $15,000 line of duty death benefit that extends to your family, which can prove to be invaluable in a time of need.

Special Discounts and Partnerships

As part of your TMPA membership, you receive a variety of money saving discounts, products and services. You’ll find benefits that will save you money and enhance your life — including discounts on travel and accommodations, car rentals, extensive auto purchasing, retail purchasing, entertainment and attractions, as well as an array of additional membership benefits. We’ve partnered with several retail and service providers to offer our members special discounts to enhance the value and experience of membership in our association. We continually seek to increase the number of affiliates in our benefits, and we welcome your ideas.

Homes for Heroes

As the real estate partner of TMPA, Homes for Heroes offers TMPA members exclusive access to a nationwide network of real estate and mortgage specialists committed to providing real savings to law enforcement professionals just like you as a way to say, "thank you". Homes for Heroes helps TMPA members save an average of $3,000 when they buy, sell, or refinance a home. Plus, every time a hero like you buys or sells a home using a Homes for Heroes specialist, Homes for Heroes donates a portion of its earnings to the Homes for Heroes Foundation and TMPA Charities, Visit Homes for Heroes now.

Cowboy Hats & Western Gear

Resistol western hat and apparel company has kindly offered to give TMPA members and staff a 30% discount in their online store. To obtain the discount, purchasers will be asked to enter a “discount code” when checking out. Members, please click here to login and see the discount code. This code changes routinely, so please make sure you have the latest code! A big THANK YOU to Resistol for making this happen!

Additional Disability Coverage

TMPA members can purchase additional disability benefits through the Texas Police Trust to cover lost income from injuries or illness. View their flyer to learn more. Be sure to mention that you are a TMPA member.

Discount Rental Cars

TMPA members receive a 10% discount on rental cars from Enterprise with the code 65TMPA.

Special Discounts for Law Enforcement

A guide for retail savings for TMPA members

For more information regarding these, or other TMPA related programs or services, please contact us.