September 3, 2020


The Texas Municipal Police Association Endorses President Donald J. Trump for Re-Election.


AUSTIN, TX - The Board of Directors of the Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA), which represents over 30,000 law enforcement officers across the Great State of Texas, announced today that they have voted unanimously to endorse President Donald J. Trump for re-election.


Statement from Thomas Brown, President of the TMPA:


                “The rule of law is the bedrock of the Constitution and the backbone of our country.  Without it, nothing is possible in a civil society.  Since taking office, President Trump has proven to be a law and order President and a supporter of America’s law enforcement officers.  From appointing judges who uphold the Constitution, to the establishment of the Presidential Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice, to comforting the families of fallen officers, he has been steadfast in his support.  Most importantly, President Trump has committed to providing law enforcement with the equipment, personnel, and training that we need to protect our communities across the state of Texas, and across the country. 

The President has consistently pushed back against the false narratives being promulgated against our law enforcement officers.  He has never been quick to second guess police procedures and has worked hard with the Department of Justice to ensure investigations are fair and non-partisan.  President Trump represents a true partner of law enforcement as we move forward with policing in the 21st century.

                By comparison, Joe Biden is not capable of making any kind of commitment to law and order. Those he has surrounded himself with are the loudest voices calling for defunding police across the United States.  Biden has made snap judgements about specific situations involving law enforcement without benefit of the facts, simply to score political points.  We do not believe Biden has a coherent picture of the current state of law enforcement in Texas, or across America. 

                For these reasons, we believe President Trump is the only logical choice in this election, and we urge all Texas law enforcement, our families, friends, and supporters, to vote to re-elect the President.”


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